December 4, 2023 Homewares Shopping 0

The homewares market has really exploded in recent years.  This has come about generally from celebrity culture – so many stars of the day taking part in reality tv such as the bake off series, now having been a winter viewing favourite for almost twenty years.  As soon as someone really popular wins the ultimate title, they become megastars and there are cookware ranges brought out with their names associated.  It is a hugely successful idea and many a kitchen is adorned with the latest airfryer or multicooker device recommended by so & so.   One set of my younger relatives have just refitted their kitchen and with the new cabinets & worktops are the essential changes to utensils and gadgetry, very posh this time too, from the range of top selling equipment for officianados.  The same goes for sewing and everything to do with haberdashery and drapery.   The sales in sewing machines, particularly of a certain make have absolutely rockets in the same period, thanks entirely to the sewing equivalent of the baking show.  A weekly contents to see who can turn out the 3 best challenges in a very short time.  The items they feature are so alluring it has done wonders for that industry!