August 3, 2023 Gifts Homewares 0

The summer season is  upon us now  and the shops are absolutely bulging with new season clothes and homewares.  There’s a definitely upbeat measage to be taken from all this activity.  Lots of gorgeous new colours and hues that fill the  eye with joy and beneficial vibes.  There’s simply nothing to beat the combination of a fresh leon zest and aieforce blue or pale cream and vibrant orange.  There’s also a nice array of window dressings and soft furnishings that compliment the latest decorating ideas too.  This buzz of positive thinking is rewarding the hard working shopkeeper and online store holder.   After several bleak years of almost austerity because of lockdowns and other pandemic associated irritations, we havd worked our way through these evils and feel more inclined to express our younger and freer sense of style and fun.  Lots of the clothing ranges do show similar colour palette choices, bright zingy and vibrant shades that literally wake the senses and give a room real definitiion, be that the furnishings, decor, or the clothes one is wearing!