May 4, 2021 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

In my ordinary family kitchen I only need simple appliances – not for me the fancy all singing, all dancing multi function domestic factory that can do everything from washing, chopping, slicing, juicing etc.  This is my usual way of thinking.   I am slow to take note of the ads for such gifts, homewares and  other shopping ideas.  However, having family that love to buy gadgets – seriously expensive and big one at that, I am the very happy recipient of their cast offs.    I am now the jubilant user of an airfryer which is quite a new one but they discovered it was actually too small for their needs so they ordered a bigger, better and shinier one.  I now do mini roast dinners in mine.  A chop and par boiled veg like cauli and swede chips etc. are very sparingly sprayed with oil and then seasoned.  The timer and cooking temperature selected then voila – in no time at all my meal is done in one, as they say.  So those ads for gifts, homewares and online shopping will be taken more note of by even this die hard!