January 4, 2020 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ahha, some of you would have laughed your socks off if you’d seen one or two of the presents opened around our Christmas tree this year – reaching the depths of despair I thought.   One was an absolutely massive ball of knitting yarn – in the almost raw state, so it needed completely unwinding and leaving gently coiled flat on the floor.  The sheer weight of the balled yarn made it break as soon as  you tried to loosen a length to knit with.  So a novelty gift with value added …..  The giant knitting needles were quite heavy – they make a neater job, but the wool can lso be used with hand knitting – and that’s another ball game entirely!    The colour of the yarn is exactly right to match the existing grey/duck egg blue shade downstairs.  I can see that it’s gradually taking shape and will be adorning the sitting room yet!