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Oh how I’ve had to learn a few lessons in relation to my new found hobby of sewing . . .  The first of these is do not run before you can even toddle.    I was bought a book on basic clothes sewing and feeling totally inspired, I made a pair of pyjama bottoms – recycling an old faded sheet.   Just to show off, I added in seam pockets and french seams.  All went really well and my daughter was thrilled with them – all apart from them not being made of jersey and thus were rather too snug in most areas.   Masking this disappointment I immediately opened my laptop and sought info on jersey materials.  I ordered up sufficient for a proper go at the task.  Three metres arrived but the fabric was much more slipperty, flimsy and lightweight than I’d imagined.  However, we were not going to lose face, so the PJ trousers were made.  This time however, no pockets or frnech seams.  They fitted beautifully but I’d struggled with the fabric – it slipped about so much.  However undaunted, I made a teeshet to go with them and these went down a storm.  But oh the error I made en route!