March 8, 2022 Gifts Homewares Shopping 0

I’ve been rather dreading a shopping expedition for gifs and homewares.   I try to get distracted by that distant sound of birds warbling in the nearest woods.  It is unmistakably the beginnings of spring and that brings out the softie in me.  I go looking for old nests and hideaways.  Trying to stop the dogs from routling anything smaller than a badger is challenging.  I just love taking next door’s labradoodle out for a good walk and she is one of the nicest, gentlest and intelligent pooches out there now.  Not for her the tearing about like a madcap pupster.  No, all dignity for Nellie.  I wish it was easier to take dogs to the shops.  They would learn to walk properly and not keep stopping for sniffs and the shoppers could learn some patience to walk properly and allow for dogs, children and stray parts of prams, bikes etc.  Going shopping down the town for giftware or homewares could be more fun than it is currently.  I love mixing with dogs and I like to share lunch space with a loving owner and their dog!