September 4, 2021 Gifts Homewares 0

I have taken to sewing in a gentle but expanding way. . .  Having dug out my sewing machine that had until last March been seriously under valued and under used, I was inspired by a chum who was making helpful things for frontline care working staff during the pandemic.  I had lots of spare pillow cases as a result of emptying the linen cupboard of my mother in law, who was moving into a care home.  Lots of plain but beautifully cared for items came home with me as no one else in the family wanted them.  I didn’t get as far as donating them to any charity shops because of lockdown restrictions.  It was a fantastic exercise and really allowed me to get to grips with the machine and my limited skills at that time.  Several online videos later, my sewing has got so much better and my purchases of gift and homewares has been to source materials and products for my sewing room.  It has all been a wonderful way to make the most of existing goods, but also allows me to indulge in a little retail therapy!