November 5, 2022 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

There is always a problem when a favourite old store closes down in the high street.  The hands thrown up in the air with protestations over the closure . .. The guilt factor clicks in early when you wonder if you could have shopped there more often to keep them going.    Often though, as in the case of two much used and beloved stores in my nearest town, the families just ran out of members to continue on and the leases came to an end without any option to renew.  We do have an out of town shopping development that has many eateries on one side, retail stores along the other.  There’s a huge cinema and a rock climbing sport venue.  On top of that is the fantstic nature reserve with walks around the lake – there are probably two stores for any family activity.  Cookery, books, jewellery, shoes, gifts, homewares, outdoor and camping.   The toy shop is always a draw for the youngsters but it’s nowhere as good as the fantastic family owned one in town.