November 5, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping 0

Penny for the Guy – yes we used to cart around our most spectacular guy around the villageand make an absolute mint out of the kindly neighbours.  No computers or online shopping meant having to beg or borrow materials to make ours the best combo around.  We lived in a tiny village, just a row of shops and a pub,  but the shops included a hardware store that literally sold everything.  It used to take days to find exactly what we needed – it would have been so much easier with an online stock list!   We used to be well known as a very decent family – three children, hard working parents and a dad who was an total whizz at designing go karts, sledges, newspaper delivery carts, with brakes.  Nowadays kiddies are busy with electronic gizmos.  But we would have enjoyed sourcing stuff online – just think of the advanced Guy building joys!