July 6, 2022 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

When we had the national lockdowns, three in fact, to help combat the raging pandemic of Covid, there was an instant and unmistakable shift away from walk in stores and emporiums.  Becaue we were very restricted as to when we could go out, linked to the stores not always holding or obtaining stocks of basic essentials, there was a siesmic shift towards online shopping.    In small rural areas there are not the choice of stores anyway and those that could reopened as soon as they could, but without the ability to restock as needed.  This is one area where the online outlets have a huge benefit – they generally have access to new materials and know when products are coming from the manufacturers.  Everything was hit badly by the pandemic – all manufacturing in the far east was halted for long periods.  As a nation we have vastly changedf our shoppi8ng habits and tend to research far more, looking out for the best bargains and trying to squeeze the most out of each spending £.