April 3, 2019 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Giving gifts at weddings and anniversaries is sometimes an nightmare.  If the happy couple have co-habited for any length of time, they will of course have at least one of each of the major items considered once to be the absolute wedding present.   Coffee making gizmo;  carving sets;  toasters, etc. et.  There of course are only so many toasters a couple really needs and so these items do get left behind in the giftware department.  I have seen some incredible kettle and toaster combos these days too.  Gorgeous pink or pale green twosomes.  The idea of making the kitchen the focal point for both parties did at one time seem a bit strange – after all, which men actually wanted to spend more time in the kitchen for heavens sake?!  Well, with the advent of the cookery programmes on tv, there isn’t a family in Britain who hasn’t got a male masterchef lurking underneath that suit!