January 3, 2023 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

I do love knitting, I’ve done quite a lot this year because i’ve been involoved in a couple of small community projects to decorate the band stand on the embankment of the local county town. The first called for red, white and blue crafted items to celebrate the queen’s fantastic platinum jubilee.   The second was for the town’s River festival and we used mauve, white and green – the colours of our society.   This was pretty successul and many folk walking past the band stand understood the significance of the colours.  They did not appreciate the fact we had bought our materials locally from stores specificaly offering gifts, homewares and toys.   Shopping is a real pleasure when you’re not harassed or in a tearing hurry.  Being able to look at a craft supplies site for me is such a therapautic activity.   Joy is overflowing when I can talk all things knitting and sewing.  Fabric and yarjn are my go to relaxants!