September 14, 2020 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Whilst I was staying away with some friends, one of them metioned a hobby I used to have and until recently, had quite given up.   When housebound after an accident, to relieve boredom and keep my brain active, I became handy at making gifts and sewing homewares and toys.  I became rather skilled at making ornate clothes peg bags.  It had started as after a colleague’s mother swept up all the prizes in her local craft competition – I thought I could make similar wares if I only put my mind to it.  I went shopping for useful sized remnants from the local curtain making shop and over the next few months, with a little help from online videos, I fashioned quite a few models.  These never got near any competition – I actually handed them all away as gifts.  It was a phase in my usually hectic life when I learnt the value of a hobby is worth far more than the cost.