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Knowing how to get the most out of a group of car enthusiasts who also come visiting the heritage property in the grounds of their chosen jamboree is sometimes a bit daunting.  Recently I had aexactly that task set for me.  We had a parituclarly huge set of serious car fanatics who were offered the chance to view the house for a discounted price.  Many folk took up the offer and we were flooded with folk from every european country, US, the antipodes, Candada, Israel – everywhere yo could imagine.  It was spectacularly cheerful to see all these folk chatting to their immediate pals in their own language and then immediately all revert to English as soon as they bumped into or joined by any other nationaility.  It was quite humbling in fact and one that I won’t forget easily.  They were happily buying sourvenirs from the small gift shop on site – and lots of photos were snapped on phones too!