May 4, 2020 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

One of the fab things about being in a lockdown situation is the opportunity to take time to take in daytime leisure and lifestyle programmes.   When out at work, especially when there’s a bit of a commute to start and end the day, it can put one off getting to grips with anything more ambitious than sitting in front of the ‘box’.   However, all is not lost even in those circumstances.  Inspiration for how to search out and obtain a wide variety of gifts and more exotic homewares.  TV shopping channels are a mine of information – offering vouchers and suggestins for how to replicate the gorgeous settings  you see in the equally inspirational country cottage – downsizing programmes that are now on an endless loop of repeats.   After the initial delight of seeing the country move progammes, dripping with fabulous thatched cottages with their twee rooms and bijoux box rooms, it’s nice to look past those aspects and take in what the current owners have chosen to display – it’s even nicer when the furnishings and homewares really do reflect the age and historical aspect of the property.