October 9, 2019 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

I have been taking quite a bit of interest in the massive selection of furnishing and homeware ranges being introduced in stores and online.  It did seem for a couple of seasons that everyone just wanted grey.  Any shade of grey.  I personally find it truly dull – probably because of my own bright, sunny disposition!  Whenever you see the agent photos for any house for sale or check out daytime lifestyle and shopping  channels, almost all the houses lately still reflect this grey theme, perhaps livened up with a splash of black and red.    I am really happy that now the dull tide has swept away and the new idea is colour, bright curtains – toning blinds and soft furnishings in all hues.  I note also the upcoming trend for French and American style window shutters.  These are very smart and if in the right style of house, can add a touch of class.