May 3, 2023 Homewares Shopping 0

There is absolutely nothing I like more than pottering about in our  sewing and craft room at home.  We have a large spare bedroom dedicated to all aspects of crafting hobbies.  We range between us from knitting, crochet, weaving, lace making, hand turning of wooden pieces, painting and all sorts.  The wall at one end of the room is covered completely with a framework that allowed eah space to house a lightweight storage cube – I am adding to my collection of these.  They are very handy for bobbins, pattens, scissors and cutting utensils etc.  We also have a super sized folding dining table – it must have once graced an elegant dining room.  This item is fantastic as it has very long leaves with quite a sturdy holding structure.  Because the drop down leaves are large, the centre section is very narrow so takes up very little room when closed.  It sits up against the storage cabinet very neatly.