June 4, 2019 Gifts Homewares Shopping 0

I was volunteering at a mini stately home recently, doing my usual stint of room stewarding.  The house had been the venue for a lovely family wedding the previous weekend and we were lucky enough to still have the flowers and other floral decorations around the main rooms.  It was a fantatic heady mixture of lillies and other wonderful aromas.  There really is something special about having huge bouquets of flowers wafting around their delightful smells.  Eventually we will get to see the photos – as we do of each wedding that takes place at the Hall.  There is a publicity section who use these pics to advertise their own wedding brochure.  I love this additional dimension to the job and it’s interesting to see how many mums and daughters start going moist eyed at the prospect.  And the father’s start holding on to their wallets with an added firmness.