January 21, 2021 Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Oh how much we like to take up a new hobby.  My goodness me there has been such a huge increase in the number of folk who now count sewing and needlework amongst their pastimes.  Not the small cross stitch patterns on a little grid, no these are big dressmaking and household item sew sessions we’re talking about.  In fact there is a whole new industry opened up of late specifically geared towards the home hobbyist.  Online shops are now full to bulging with fabrics, sewing machines, overlockers, accessories, habidashery etc.  Because of the sheer numbers of people taking up the hobby, All the major outlets have seen a dramatic rise in their online prescence.  It’s quite staggering how much of the daily postbags along our street contains a jiffy bag or large box when a white van arrives.  Out of these boxes come a new piece of equipment.  It’s just so amazing to have to wait longer and longer