August 5, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ah, August – this is such a busy time for families – the school holidays are halfway through and holidays have been endured, or enjoyed, depending on the activity and expenditure levels.  I live on a busy family based estateand when I first moved here, quite a few years ago, the children must have been mostly babies and toddlers as there was never much playing out in the street.  Now the older ones – generally from about 7 to adult, do play out on all sorts of fancy bikes, scooters, skates etc.  I even heard youngsters playing with a new football – joy filled my heart to hear actual sporty stuff going on.  It turns out the group had been buyinging up some more expensive toys and equipment specifically for sharing during the holidays – they used an online gift and voucher site and had a really good system going between them with families chipping in with buying and caring for the items.