July 3, 2020 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ah the simple joys to be had of finding an old fashioned fabric and habidashery store open!  After the many months of lockdown when we couldn’t go out and look at anything in an actual shop, being able to walk into a local treasure trove was such delight.   The shopkeeper has owned the store for more than forty years and at the very beginning of lockdown, she managed to start supplying her customers online.  One of those very bright, adaptable people, she wasn’t going to allow the small matter of government restrictions to get between her and a satisfied householder.  I was able to buy some remnants of reasonable size, these are going to be made into some sort of gifts – not absolutely decided what form yet but they’ll be made with love and attention to detail that all homewares need.  Gifts have been easy to get hold of but fabris and threads, patters and notions for the sewing fraternity have been scares so hurrah for this little store!