November 20, 2021 Homewares Toys 0

This is the time of year when we get going round the local village christmas fetes and craft stalls.  There are myriad of gifts and homewares out there for our entertainment and possibly some wll be useful.  I recently visited a massive exhibition centre selling every manner ofitem for a pre christmas fayre.  The gifts and homewares on show were all of very good make and the sales pitches were excellent.  Bearing in mind how much it costs to have a stall at such a prestigious event, it’s a massive amount better than the average village do.   There was the most varied mix of clothing, socks, pet wares, shawls and scarves.  Jostling with these were artisan cheeeses, sausages, gin, vegetable preparation gizmos and just about every thing in between that anyone could possible think of.  Seen in one fell swoop, the diversity of the offerings was amazing.  Not being able to carry too much all day, I contented myself with looking and storing up ideas – of gifts and homewares to buy locally.