May 2, 2022 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

I have just spent a very pleasurable hour or two down at a local very independent garden centre.    Oh my goodness, I so wish I’d igtnore my cautionary streak before!  The place was only very small compared to these massive multi national places.  There were no ‘Plant / Tree / Shrub  of the day or month, as in the myriad multis.   These always urked me as they are specially sourced plants made to look fantastic for the two week sales pinch and then they are gone – no one so much as gives them a second glance but the thousands of buyers asre left with an often showy bunch of leaves.  An independent outlet will concentrate on their own specialisms – if they have a good hard landscape expert, then this will show in their displays and the sales will be reliable with  excellent back up for customers.  What also stuck me was the excellent manner with which my enquiry was dealt.  All very positive.