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Whilst I was helping to care for a very ancient gent the other week, I had to ask for directions to the loo whilst we were out strolling in his vast back garden.   I was absolutely amazed when I got to the ‘potting shed’ as it was quaintly referred to . . . .   To start with, there were two cubicles – extremely rare I think in a small family home in the country.  Not only were these beautifully presented with art deco stained glass door panels, there were similar delights around the mirrors above the wash stands.  Eveyrthing looked so very perfect.  The porcelain was so clear and white, the loos had the victorian or edwardian blue pattern around the bowls and it delighted me.  I happily bought my hostess a parting gift of a mock victorian soap dish for each of the wash stands, blue and white of course and complete with the whistest soaps I could find!