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October fills me with glee.  It heralds the end of summer completely and for some, a foreboding about winter approaching.  I personally love it, can’t wait for the leaves to fall and be satisfyingly crunchy under foot.   As a family, we used to take part in the annual penny for the guy legalised begging, big time.  Our dad made us a truly spectacular cart to take our equally amazing stuffed guys around – the cart lasted years and years.  The guys obviously not – but they were very good and we used to cream off the major amount of the neighbourly spend.  Those heady days before commercialisation brought Halloween to our doorsteps.

These days my dad would be thrilled to have a go at the online shopping sites – he was one for dabbling with things new and time saving.  He would like the certainty you get with being able to see reviews and information first!