New Year Tidings To Lift Jaded Shopper

January 5, 2018 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ah a new year has come crashing in to my life.  Doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that I was happily babbling to all about the joys of learning to browse and shop online.  This in itself has helped me to start overcoming my natural tendency towards serious bah humbugitus at the approach to Christmas. … Read more

Bah Humbug Diluted With Online Shopping Glee

December 5, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Cristmas has raced around again at such an alarming rate.  I cannot believe it is really 12 months since I was last regaling all with my yearly update blog on how the family have gotten used to dealing with online shopping and sourcing things the modern way!  It has really made a difference to us… Read more

Dad Was The Word For HiTech Fun & Games

October 11, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

October fills me with glee.  It heralds the end of summer completely and for some, a foreboding about winter approaching.  I personally love it, can’t wait for the leaves to fall and be satisfyingly crunchy under foot.   As a family, we used to take part in the annual penny for the guy legalised begging, big… Read more

In Days Of Yore – The Fright Of No Online Shopping

September 3, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ah the mellow tones of late summer – with September rolling in to replace the high energy of August and school or family holidays.  Now that all the children have dispersed to their various schools, colleges and soon, some to university, it has gone desperately quiet around here in the day time.  The only serious… Read more

Families Caring And Sharing Sporty Equipment Buys

August 5, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Ah, August – this is such a busy time for families – the school holidays are halfway through and holidays have been endured, or enjoyed, depending on the activity and expenditure levels.  I live on a busy family based estateand when I first moved here, quite a few years ago, the children must have been… Read more