February 3, 2024 Homewares Shopping 0

Where we live in the north of this nearby home county, with some really beautifully stone cottages and barn conversions.  There are also some fabulous little stone shops, with  neo-georgian windows and topped by thatched roofs.   To live around here is absolute joy and to be able to shop in these quaint little properties does have a certain cache amongst our more suburban based friends.

I now know of three very upmarket homewares and gift stores and I have so far managed to buy what I need on each occasion.  This is testament to the business flair for comfortable home settings and trend setting abilities of the various store owners.  Obviously the all too destructive coronavirus had a poor impact on all stores for a couple of years.  This is when the big boys who run the massive online shopping malls muscled in and swept away a huge sector of the possible purchases.  However with some ingenuity and enthusiasm for marketing, at least two of these little out of town, village based shops have raised the game and added a small coffee & chat area or offer orther services like letting pet dogs come in and make room for baby prams etc.