December 5, 2017 Gifts Homewares Shopping Toys 0

Cristmas has raced around again at such an alarming rate.  I cannot believe it is really 12 months since I was last regaling all with my yearly update blog on how the family have gotten used to dealing with online shopping and sourcing things the modern way!  It has really made a difference to us in that we take mum’s old family book, check dates of birthdays, anniversaries etc., crossing off those departed through the preceding months.  Then we make a note of what was bought for each last time.  There are specific sites for different kinds of goods.  For homewares and gifts we have this as  favourite – it offers such helpful reviews and product information so you know exactly what you think you’re buying, up front and without the doubt and misgivings that come with much of the Christmas hype.  My bah humbug hasn’t been entirely eradicated but it’s less potent now!